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Has the roof of your home or business been damaged by wind?

Roofs are designed to withstand typical winds, but over time, strong winds and debris can slowly cause damage to your roof. Here at SmartRoof, LLC, we offer FREE roof inspections after storms, and provide solutions to help keep your home safe and secure, in all types of weather.

Wind Damage Roof Repair in Northern Virginia

Centrally located on the East Coast, Virginia is home to a wide variety of weather patterns. In addition to rain and hail, wind is one of the leading causes of roof and house damage in Northern Virginia.

Wind is often silently destructive, and areas like the corners and edges of your roof are most susceptible to damage. Wind can catch underneath weak or loose roofing materials, gradually peeling them away and exposing your roof to the elements.

Here at SmartRoof, our wind damage specialists are here to help you assess any damage, and provide the corrective action necessary. Located in the heart of Northern Virginia, we service home and business owners in Fairfax and Prince William counties, as well as surrounding areas.

Wind Damage Repair for Your Roof

Wind is more likely to cause damage to your roof as it ages. The effects of wind on your roof is not uniform, and if there are damages present, they will only get worse over time.

Neglecting or postponing roof repairs can lead to serious consequences, such as leaks and water damage.

At SmartRoof, we provide replacements for asphalt and metal roofing on homes and commercial buildings, as well as cedar shake and custom roofing.  It’s our goal to provide lasting roof replacement and storm damage repair with a great customer service experience.

Combining top notch materials + great workmanship =


Better longevity and durability


Lower susceptibility to algae and moss damage


Better protection from wind, rain, and moisture


Superior aesthetic appeal

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Wind Damage on My Roof

Your roof is what stands between the inside of your home and the outside world. If your roof is in poor shape or damaged by the elements, it may not protect you like it should. Taking precautionary measures will help prepare your home to weather the storm.

Before a windstorm:

  • Give your roof a once over from the outside. Check the flashing, edging, drains, and gutters, to ensure that nothing is loose, blocked, or potentially problematic.
  • Secure your shingles. Hammer in loose or missing nails along the shingles and caulk shingles edges with adhesive.
  • Ensure trees are trimmed before the storm. Tree branches can lift shingles, damage your roof, knock out your gutters, damage vents, and make it easier for water and elements to seep into your home.

After a windstorm:

  • Perform an outdoor inspection. Check your roof for curling, broken, or damaged shingles.
  • Check your chimney, gutters, and vents for cracks. Flashing can also tear and buckle around roof penetrations.
  • Call a professional for an inspection. Climbing on a damaged roof is not recommended, as it can cause injury and could further damage your property.  

Other Wind Damage Repair Services

The effects of wind damage don’t always end with your roof. Siding, gutters, and windows are other areas that generally sustain damage during windstorms.

Here at SmartRoof, we focus on providing you with the highest quality replacement products. From durable and affordable vinyl siding to long-lasting windows and gutter replacements, we want to help protect you and your home for years to come.

We Provide Roof Replacement to These Areas

We Also Provide Storm Damage Repair