At SmartRoof, we’re more than just a roofing and solar company. We’re a company that changes lives and makes dreams come true.

Recently, we had the great privilege replacing the roof at Fairhaven United Methodist Church and helped them save over $100,000 in the process.


Here’s the story.

SmartRoof consultant Mark Whipple drove by Fairhaven United Methodist Church. In fact, he had driven by multiple times while working in the Potomac area and had seen the damage on the spire in the front of the church but had never taken the time to stop.

One day, he decided to stop and see if anyone was at the church. Mark knocked on the door for the church office and Reverend Ken Hawes answered. Mark explained what he did as a roof consultant and how he works with insurance companies to demonstrate why a roof needs to be replaced due to storm damage.

After a few minutes of conversation, Reverend Hawes told Mark that he looked familiar.

Mark realized the reverend looked familiar as well.

After exchanges about their past, it became clear that Reverend Hawes was the pastor at Whipple family’s church when Mark was growing up and that Mark’s parents were close with Reverend Hawes.

During the next few months, Mark provided guidance to Reverend Hawes who worked with the church’s insurance company to get a full roof replacement due to storm-related damages. Working through their insurance company, Reverend Hawes was able to save over $100,000 in replacing the roof for Fairhaven United Methodist Church.