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We help busy homeowners avoid the pain and embarrassment of overpaying for a roof, or getting a low-quality product. With warrantied roofing and a dedication to making this the best home improvement experience you’ve ever had, SmartRoof’s residential roofers are the easy choice in roofing.

Why SmartRoof

Who we are:

Smart Roof, LLC offers residential, commercial, and storm damage roofing to homeowners and businesses in VA, PA, NJ, and DE. We combine lasting roof replacement and storm repair services with exceptional customer service. We are one of the best roofing companies in Washington DC

What we do:

Whether you need damaged shingles replaced, total roof replacement, or emergency services after a storm, SmartRoof’s residential roofers are here to make sure your roof is sturdy and secure. We’ll help you select and install beautiful, durable, and weather-resistant materials that stand up to even the harshest elements.

Who we serve:

We provide quality roofing solutions for residential homes, and retail / commercial businesses. We help you make educated decisions about your roof, without cutting corners to lower our prices. We want this to be the best experience you’ve ever had with any roofing company Washington DC EVER.

Why SmartRoof is the smart choice:

Our reputation is backed by our online reviews and guaranteed by the largest roofing manufacturer in the country. Even our manufacturers guarantee our work.


The best warranties in the industry (up to 50 years)

jobs per year

1 Goal

complete customer satisfaction


Top 1% of roofing contractors based on reviews: Google,  HomeAdvisor.

reviews and satisfied customers

“Maybe the most cooperative and easy association I’ve yet come across. Their work is excellent, the peopled great. No hesitation to recommend SmartRoof”

– Jack S.

“Everyone I have dealt with from SmartRoof has been super friendly, professional and really helpful! The staff has walked me through the entire process after my roof sustained wind damage and even helped interact with my insurance company. The project meeting was efficient and informative.”

– Jeff N.

“We chose Smart Roof to replace our roof as a result of the recent wind storms. They were set apart from others due to their professionalism, the time they took to explain the work needed in simple terms and they were amazing in dealing directly with the insurance company to ensure the replacement was approved and covered.”

– MS

“SmartRoof was so helpful from start to finish. They helped with the insurance process and made it incredibly easy for us. They even helped us with upgrading the look of the home with the final product. Couldn’t be happier with the end product and the service we received throughout!”

– John B.

Our Products


At SmartRoof, we provide roof replacement services throughout northern Virginia.

When it comes to roofing in northern Virginia, asphalt shingles are a tried and true standby. These inexpensive yet versatile materials come in a wide range of colors and styles, providing great value for the price with solid protection from rain, wind, and the elements.

  • Lower Cost: Asphalt shingles can mimic other materials, like cedar or slate, with a lower cost and better durability. You can choose from a stunning range of color palettes, from basic slate gray hues to brilliant oranges and reds.
  • Great Durability: Asphalt shingles may be cost-effective, but they’re far from flimsy. Available with up to a class 4 impact rating, they can be fully capable of protecting your roof and home against hail, tree branches, and other high-energy impacts during severe weather emergencies.

Metal is one of the best alternatives to asphalt shingles that there is. Metal roofing is a traditional roofing material and has recently regained popularity as an environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient roofing material.

You can’t beat metal roofing for sheer durability. A good, well-constructed metal roof can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years, making them one of the most long-lasting types of roofs that you can buy.

  • Proven Durability: They’re also incredibly durable, withstanding wind gusts up to 140 mph. They’re crack- and corrosion-resistant, and don’t need a lot of costly maintenance.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Even better, metal roofing is incredibly environmentally friendly. Not only can they be recycled at the end of their service lives, but new metal roofs can be made from 100% recycled materials.
Flat Single Ply

Single ply roofing has become an increasingly popular covering for flat roofs, in recent years. From factory rooftops to small garages and bay windows, it can be used in a variety of situations and environments.

  • Durable – When applied with a hot air weld, single ply roof membranes provide your building with protection against changing weather conditions and even the most extreme temperatures.
  • Eco-friendly – Compared to traditional, industrial roofing materials, single ply is considerably more environmentally friendly in production, longevity, and recyclability. Thermoplastic Polyethylene (TPE) is currently the most eco-friendly version on the market.
Cedar Shake

If your top priority is aesthetics, cedar shake roofing is the best choice for you. Its classic, textured look is a no-brainer for wowing guests and neighbors alike. Once the most common roofing material in the U.S., cedar shakes are still highly popular with homeowners seeking a more natural look than either metal or shingle roofs can provide.

  • Beauty & Comfort: The natural beauty of a cedar shake roof is guaranteed to set your home apart, giving it a classically satisfying look. What’s more, cedar shake roofs have a greater insulation rating than any of their more mainstream competitors – making your home both comfortable and energy efficient.
  • Humidity Resistance: Cedar wood is a timeless choice for homeowners, due to its beautiful appearance when first installed and over time. With the option to install cedar shingles or cedar shakes (i.e. rough-hewn cedar strips), you will add great curb appeal to your home with this choice. Even as cedar ages, it turns to a silver-gray that continues to enhance your home’s beauty!
Green Roofing

The latest trend in roofing materials is the green roof. A green or living roof is either partially or completely covered by vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a roofing membrane.

  • Longevity – Green roofs tend to last longer than conventional roofs since they protect the roofing materials from UV radiation and extreme temperatures. They also require less maintenance than regular roofs.
  • Reduced Energy Costs – Installation of a green roof has higher upfront costs than traditional roofing, but it’s economic benefits can save you money in the long run.
Synthetic Slate

Made from a combination of plastic and rubber, synthetic slate roofs are designed to mirror the beauty and uniqueness of slate, without the expense or installation headache.

  • Low Maintenance – Unlike asphalt shingles, a synthetic slate roof requires little to no maintenance and has a lifespan of between 50 to 100 years.
  • Recyclable – Synthetic slate is considered a green-building alternative, even when using new materials. That’s because all types of synthetic slate are recyclable at the end of a roof’s usable life.

We’re backed by all major manufacturers.

We’re more than just residential roofers.

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