Commercial Service

Repair your roof and optimize your ROI with value engineered solutions. 

With a dedication to making this the best experience you’ve ever had, SmartRoof is the easy choice among roofing contractors.

Save money and maximize ROI with preventative maintenance.

Is your roof older? Is your roof constantly covered in debris? Do you have solar panels or condensation units on your roof?

Yes? Then our roof maintenance service package is right for you. After bringing your roof to serviceable conditions, our team will determine the best way to keep your roof watertight and the inside of your building dry.

In addition to servicing your roof, SmartRoof will provide a full roof profile which will be updated after every roof visit. This will include: roof health score (0-100 scale), before & after photos of all serviced areas, infrared scans showing where moisture is being retained under the membrane, and a package that will give you a basic knowledge of your roof including age, manufacturer, and material of your roof system. 

Here are some of the damages we look for during our inspection: