Retail Sales Representative

McLean, VA  |  $80,000 – $110,000 (in first year)

Who You Are

Are you a motivated self-starter who thrives on a competitive, energetic team? Are you outgoing, a people-person, and always willing to strike up a conversation? Are you looking for an opportunity where your effort compounds reward (i.e. the more you put into it, the more you get out of it). If so, you might be the perfect fit for our sales team.

Experience & Skills:

  • In-home or construction-related sales experience (preferred)
  • Prior sales experience is a huge plus, but not required: we aren’t afraid to train you!
  • Excellent communication skills: outgoing, talkative individuals wanted
  • Highly motivated: our best reps are self-starters and great at motivating themselves
  • Organized and accountable: we’ve found these qualities lead to success

Who We Are

We’re more than just a roofing and solar company. SmartRoof is a life-changing company. SmartRoof is the vehicle our employees use to upgrade their lives professionally and personally. Our vision is to become the first billion dollar roofing and solar company and our purpose is to radically improve the lives of our customers, employees, and communities.

We’re a hungry, humble team committed to growth:

  • 200% Growth each year for the last 5 years
  • #57 on the list of Top 100 Roofing Contractors
  • #7 Team in total money raised for 2020 St Jude’s Walk/Run fundraiser
  • Biggest commissions and bonuses in roofing & solar

What You’ll Do


  • Attend training for the first 30 days in our office
  • Meet at our office for weekly sales meetings
  • Work with your supervisor regularly for additional training
  • Meet with prospective clients (inbound and outbound), inspecting the exterior and sometimes interior of homes
  • Sign preliminary contracts with clients
  • Maintain a positive and open line of communication with your clients throughout their relationship with SmartRoof

Benefits, Bonuses & Perks:

  • The most aggressive commission structure in the industry
  • Expected earnings of $80,000 to $110,000 in your first year
  • Flexibility and freedom in regards time off and vacation
  • Access to a variety of bonuses and performance-based rewards on a monthly and annual basis including electronics, gift cards, cruises, tickets to concerts and sporting events, and a year-end company trip to a Caribbean destination for you and a significant other
  • Unique company-sponsored experiences

Why You Should Work At SmartRoof

We’re looking for hard-working, motivated individuals ready to change their life and make a difference. If you’re looking for something boring, easy and traditional you’re not for us. Late nights, weekends, and going the extra mile is a part of what we do. We obsess over impacting and improving the lives of our team members and our customers. We never settle for less.

Work Hard. Join a team that pushes you to be the best version of yourself. Our team members want to radically improve their life and put in the work to make that vision a reality. Powered by a culture of incentive and support, you will constantly be challenged to do more and achieve more.

Play Hard. Have fun at work and outside of it. By making the decision to be financially free, you open up a world of possibility before you. At SmartRoof, we want our employees to be financially free, helping to transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

Live Smart. Enjoy a company that gives you unlimited professional growth and opportunity. Backed by financial freedom and a supportive team culture, you will have the ability to do what you want with the people you love. Stop feeling stuck and start living the life you want.

Join the SmartRoof family and help us set the standard in roofing and solar.

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